Why choose evenup?

Transform your case preparation

Save 15+ hours per case

Leave the paperwork to us. Eliminate 15+ hours of medical review and summarization per case.

Maximize your caseload

You don’t need to choose between speed and quality when scaling your firm. With EvenUp’s AI-assisted medical chronologies, you take on more cases, without sacrificing the quality.

Stay ahead in case strategy

Quickly learn the medical facts that will make or break a case, so you can create a stronger case strategy and confidently take on the defense.

Seasoned expert review

Every part of the MedChron undergoes meticulous review by our seasoned experts and each exhibit can instantly be referenced.

The EVenUp Difference

Reimagine medical chronologies with EvenUp's MedChrons

AI-powered medical chronology medical summary

EvenUp's MedChrons includes:

  • Treatment timelines and calendar views
  • Diagnostic highlights
  • List of past medical visits
  • Organized exhibit list
  • Comprehensive medical summaries
  • Exhibit hyperlinks
  • An interactive web-based MedChron, as well as a PDF and .DOCX version

With our interactive web-based MedChron, you can:

  • View and interact with medical chronologies inside EvenUp
  • Filter, sort, and jump to specific sections
  • Quickly find the information you need with exhibit hyperlinks
  • Organize the medical summary section chronologically or by provider—and easily switch back and forth
AI-powered medical chronology medical summary
How it works

An AI-driven solution for winning personal injury claims

1. Upload medical records

You can upload the documents by using the EvenUp portal or by integrating with a practice management solution.

2. Let the AI work

Our intelligent software will automatically pull out all relevant injuries, procedures, and dates of treatments from medical records.

3. Seasoned experts review

Our team of former defense counsel, adjusters, and case managers compile the data gathered into a medical chronology.

While flagging any missing documents and bills X

Ready to see an EvenUp MedChron?

Download an EvenUp sample MedChron and see the reimagined medical chronology yourself.

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Example pages from EvenUp sample medical chronology for attorneys

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Save 15+ hours per case

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