June 18, 2024
MedChrons: Interactive AI-assisted summaries that cut through the clutter
Rami Karabibar
Rami Karabibar
Whether you need to get up to speed in 15 seconds or an in-depth review, MedChrons enables you to get the insights you need, without sifting through hundreds of pages.

We’re excited to announce a product that’s the first of its kind to help personal injury law firms work faster and address the challenges they face with medical chronologies: MedChrons.

Customers have told us that manually creating or reviewing medical chronologies has long been a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Here’s what they’ve shared:

  • Overwhelming volume: It can take weeks to sift through hundreds of documents per case to review a single medical chronology.
  • Complex and dense: Traditional medical chronologies are often lengthy and packed with information, making it hard to pinpoint crucial details.
  • Lacking the ability to reference: Exhibits are notoriously hard to reference quickly, turning fact-checking into a time-consuming ordeal.
  • Inconsistent quality: The manual creation process often results in inconsistencies, leading to potential errors and a lack of reliability from one medical chronology to another.

MedChrons transforms this tedious process by leveraging cutting-edge technology to deliver a more efficient, accurate, and user-friendly solution. With MedChrons, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your client's medical history faster than ever, empowering you to build stronger cases with confidence.

Introducing MedChrons

Download a sample MedChron

With a recent update, we are introducing a new level of interaction with your medical chronologies. Now, you can seamlessly interact with your MedChrons directly within the EvenUp application, making it easier to get the insights you need.

Easily identify crucial information with MedChrons' visual data representation

MedChrons transforms medical chronologies with advanced visual data representation. Unlike traditional text-heavy chronologies, MedChrons offer visual timelines, calendar views, and diagnostic highlights, allowing you to quickly digest crucial information.

One-click exhibit access

Stop endless scrolling. With web-based MedChrons, you can access exhibits with a single click, instantly taking you to the exact exhibit. Verify facts and build robust case strategies with ease.

Quickly understand your client’s medical history with dynamic filtering and sorting

Organize your MedChron by date or provider, making it simple to retrieve relevant information and ensuring you’re never caught off guard.

Get peace of mind with expert-reviewed quality and accuracy 

We understand the importance of providing accurate information to best advocate for your clients. Every MedChron is reviewed by a team of experts who meticulously verifies the information, ensuring it meets the high standards necessary for legal proceedings. This allows you to manage a higher volume of cases without compromising on the quality of service.

Transform your case preparation with EvenUp

At EvenUp, our mission is to level the playing field in personal injury cases by harnessing the power of technology and AI to close the justice gap.

We aim to ease your workload by automating tedious tasks, freeing you to focus on what truly matters—advocating for your clients.

EvenUp’s MedChrons is just the beginning. We are deeply grateful to our customers who have supported us on this journey. Our commitment remains the same: to build products that help put the personal back into personal injury.

Discover how MedChrons can revolutionize your case preparation and join us in making justice more accessible for everyone.

If you’d like to learn even more about MedChrons, schedule a call here.

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Ready to see an EvenUp Demand Package?
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