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EvenUp Sample Demand Letter for Personal Injury Lawyers
Why choose evenup?

Save time, win more, and settle faster

Save time

EvenUp's team of injury experts use AI to craft demand packages, freeing up time for your case managers and attorneys to focus on case strategy.

50% more affordable

Expand your caseload without adding to your staff. EvenUp's demands get better with use and more affordable with scale.

Consistently settle for more

EvenUp's demands lead to a settlement increase of up to 30%. Our demands leverage 250K+ verdicts and settlements.

Resolve cases faster

EvenUp's clear exposition of each injury and damage accelerates settlement negotiations with adjusters, leaving less room for low-ball offers.

The EVenUp Difference

EvenUp's demands set the standard for excellence

AI-powered medical summaries

Here's what you can expect to be included in each medical summary:

  • Flagging of missing bills or records
  • ICD codes to each injury
  • A summary of providers
  • Dates of treatment
  • Number of visits
  • Key highlights of each visit
demand letter sample section for diagnosis with ICD code
Sample demand letter with element of damages and amount

Robust estimates for each element of loss

We use over 250K of verdict and settlement data points, along with robust per diem analysis and economic models to claim for all heads of damages, including:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of earnings
  • Loss of household services
  • Cost of future care
  • Mileage and more...

Impactful storytelling for loss of enjoyment & duties under duress

Using information about your clients’ loss of enjoyment and duties under duress, we go beyond cookie-cutter templates and articulate exactly how your clients’ lives have been irrevocably flipped upside down.

Example photo of broken bone
How it works

An AI-driven solution for winning personal injury claims

1. Upload plaintiff information

You can upload the documents by using the EvenUp portal or by integrating with a practice management solution.

2. Let the AI work

Our intelligent software will automatically pull out all relevant injuries, procedures, and dates of treatments from medical records.

3. We write the story

Our team, including former defense counsel, adjusters, and case managers, compiles the data into a compelling story for your client.

Demands delivered in a week

While flagging any missing documents and bills X

Ready to see an EvenUp Demand Package?

Download a redacted EvenUp sample demand so you can evaluate the quality of our work. Our sales team can also share sample demands from specific jurisdictions and case types.

Group of pages included in EvenUp's sample demand letter for attorneys

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